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What's included in the Pro version?

Pro version has been designed to fit the needs of Aircraft Operators whether they are operating under Public Transportation rules or under NCC.

  • event_available


    Flight Scheduling

    • Optimize your scheduling
    • Intuitive flight calendar
    • Timezone management
    • Aircraft and fleet scheduling
    • Multiple calendar views
    • Crew management and scheduling
    • Service status via active icons
    • Flight and non-flight entries
    • Live calendar feed

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  • airplanemode_active

    Flight Planning

    Flight planning

    • Flight Plan Autoroute System
    • Customizable flight logs
    • Accurate fuel calculation based on customized acft perfs - FPL filing
    • Wind and temperature forecast
    • FPL Status Tracking
    • Crew briefing (flight log, weather, briefing and charts)
    • Airport plates
    • Load and balance sheet
    • Flight plan amending

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  • local_gas_station

    Service mgmt

    Service Management

    • Chronological service management system
    • Ready for multiple dispatchers
    • Notifications of every step of the service process
    • Aircraft assistance / Fuel assistance / Hotel / car - Automatic service request transmission
    • Price comparison of services
    • Personal service concierge

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  • show_chart


    Activity statistics

    • Flight history including route, fees...
    • Flight time/ground time per period
    • Aircraft cost management
    • Pax statistics

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  • account_box

    Pax CRM

    Pax CRM

    • Pax preferences
    • Quotation tool and tracking
    • Offer management

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  • chat



    • Flight channels creation
    • Flight preparation log via messages
    • Public and private channel
    • Direct messaging

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  • live_help


    Assistance & Support

    • 24H, 7/7, 365 d/y services worldwide
    • Overflight and landing permits
    • Airport Slots
    • Aircraft cost management
    • Handling requests
    • Visa, eAPIS
    • Fuel arrangements
    • Hotels, transfers and conciergerie services

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Designed also for your passengers

Up Aeronautics provides a unique powerful service to operators and brokers to create their own application and accelerate the relationship with their customers.


Why UP is better?

UP was designed with operators for operators. This realistic and factual approach allows us to offer a tool with real added values.


Save time

UP provides a single environment for all tasks linked to operating a business aircraft flight. UP makes you save time, and work in confidence as all the needed data is available within the system.


Work more efficiently

UUP brings collaborative work to another level. Track everything your team is working on. See instantly who's doing what and where things stand. Keep all communication in one place, reducing the need for meetings and long email threads.


Accelerate business

UP offers quick and accurate quotation solutions for your teams. By providing the best in class mobile application, UP helps you consolidate and improve the relationship between you and your clients.

Our prices are easy to understand.  

Our prices work for the whole ecosystem, it includes an unlimited number of users, pax, crew

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*Price /month /aircraft based on a TBM
Unlimited number of users, pax, crew.
Access to entire solution.
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